Resolution Experts, PC


Jim Schmid
Melissa Genovich
Russe Agosta
Nancy Pelino


Our clients hire us because they are facing demanding issues that are usually time sensitive. These issues are often on the critical path of resolving a matter of high importance to our clients. We understand this and are very careful to balance our capacity with our commitments.

We understand how frustrating it can be for a client to wait for a response on an issue of high importance. We also understand how delays on our part can have a multiplicative effect on the overall matter. Whether that matter is an audit, valuation, or damage analysis.

Therefore, we carefully plan our work and coordinate these plans with our clients. We also keep our clients informed regarding the boundaries of our work product so that the client can plan for their responsibilities and for the responsibilities of other professionals involved in the project.

In addition, we constantly monitor our incoming messages, whether they come via phone, text, or email. Our policy is to respond immediately to all incoming client messages and if for some reason it is impossible to respond immediately, we will respond within the same day that we receive the message.

Finally, responsiveness is founded on attentiveness. We carefully listen to our clients in order to fully understand their goals, their milestones, and the external factors that exert pressure on them.

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