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Lost WagesLost Wage Calculator

Get an estimate of your lost wage damages at no-cost by providing a few facts specific to your termination or injury.

Early in a dispute attorneys need to have an estimate of the damages. ResX has developed a simple model for estimating lost wages either due to termination of employment or personal injury. This model requires the following data:

  1. Claimant Date of birth.
  2. Date of termination or date of injury.
  3. Income earned immediately prior to the termination or injury.
  4. Benefits associated with the lost employment (e.g., health insurance or pension).
  5. Period of unemployment (i.e., the days, months, or years the claimant was unemployed following the date of termination).
  6. Mitigating income from the follow-on position (i.e., the income earned from the job acquired subsequent to the termination or injury).
  7. Benefits associated with the "follow-on" position (e.g., health insurance or pension).

To receive, at no cost, an estimate of the claimant's lost income damages in a matter you are litigating, simply email the data described in above, to We will input your data into our model and send you our estimate of lost wage damages by the end of business on following day.